How long to get my Steam Deck?

As of october 6, 2022 valve announced officially that steam deck orders are possible without reservation. This means that GetMyDeck will no longer be required. The results page will be still available to review the progress we as a reddit community collected.

It was a pleasure to help the community to make u/Fammy`s data accessible with this site and I hope everybody will now or very soon have a lot of fun with this great device.
Cheers, u/Labidou51

P.S.: For the Komodo backed distribution in asia it is not sure yet if crowd sourced data collection like it was for GetMyDeck will be possible. We will have to wait until shipment in this region starts to see if GetMyDeck can back up the waiting time.

Created by Labidou51. If you have questions or comments feel free to reach out for me there.